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Guld i Sibirien
- Kultaa Siperiassa

Guld i Sibirien, Radio reportages


In 1917, just before the Russian revolution, a geological expedition left Finland in the hope of finding gold in the remote region of Urjankhai, in todays republic of Tuva in Russia. One of the expedition members was Eric Lindén, Ingrid Svanfeldt’s grand-father. In this series of radio reportages Ingrid Svanfeldt guides the listener through the exotic region of Tuva and explains what happened there in 1917 and what is going on there now. A series of  five 8-11 minute long radio reportages from Tuva, Russia by Ingrid Svanfeldt for the radio scienceprogram Kvanthopp, Yle.


Client: Kvanthopp, Yle Vega

Distribution: Yle

Year: 2013


Guld i Sibirien - Kultaa Siperiassa, Photo exhibition


In 1917 the Finnish geological expedition members where all equipped with photo cameras and the expedition brought back hundreds of photos from the expedition. These photos  have now been restored and digitalized by Sjundby traditionsförening. Ingrid Svanfeldt was producing this project.


Client: Sjundby traditionsförening

Place: Kulturkontakt Nord, Helsinki  and Siuntio

Year: 2016



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